The book, When Grandpa Was a Kid

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What was going on in
Mount Vernon

 What was endured at the
 Briscoe boys school

How exiting it was to be in

The good times at the
 Midway Drive-in

Follow me from World War II Seattle with blackouts and camouflage, to the cold war of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation with thousands of little trailer houses and weekly atomic bomb drills.  Along the way, walk with me through some Pacific Northwest history and those wonderful days of yesteryear, with drive-in theaters, soda fountains and steam locomotives. 
       Meet the people who shaped my life; the kindly mother of the notorious Colacurcio family, the hated Brother McCormack of the Briscoe Memorial School, and the fun loving war veterans who terrorized Highway 99.  Then there are my mischievous buddies.
       You may find yourself reliving some of your memories, as you read mine.

"I learned three things from your book: never walk on the crown of the road during a lightning storm, never unzip when wolves are around, and never let the cocking handle of your BB gun hang open."

 ...Clifford Owens, Olympia

"I can relate to a lot of your history.  It was really great - being one of those "reads" you can hardly put down."
...Jeanie Barrett, SeaTac, Washington

"I felt like I was reading about myself in a parallel universe."
...Jim Walsh, Mountlake Terrace, Washington

"This is a really good book. Got it for my husband and we both read it."
...Kathleen Hervey-Adams, Mesa, Arizona

"I cracked up at your atomic bomb drills in Richland and your early baby sitting skills
...too funny!."
...David McCormick, Vancouver, Washington

"It was a thoroughly enjoyable read and I hope you are well satisfied with it.  You painted a great and vivid look of the era.  WELL DONE!"
...Jim Hardman, Seattle, Washington

"It was a book that I was sorry to see end."
...Marian Eveleth, Olympia, Washington