The book, When Grandpa Was a Kid

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Paul Strand was born on his family farm near Cloquet Minnesota in 1939, the second child of Clifford and Viola Strand.  In 1945 the family resettled in what is now SeaTac Washington.  Throughout his childhood Paul moved frequently, attending 21 schools, and collecting a wealth of memories.  He eventually stayed in one place long enough to receive a bachelors degree from Eastern Washington University near Spokane.
      Before attending college he spent 3 years in the US Army, and 3 years as a carpenter.  After college he became a public assistance case worker and later retrained and spent the rest of his career as a research analyst, computer programmer and website designer. 
      He is currently the President of Action DD, an advocacy organization for people with developmental disabilities.  He and his wife Karen make their home in Lacey, Washington.

Author with dog 

Childhood was a mix of adventure, fun and a lot of moving around.  I knew we had family problems, but I was shielded from most of that.  Especially when Mom kept saying, "You 're only a kid once."
        Over the years, I too have  learned to shield others.   It has become my life's work to protect and advocate for people who are profoundly developmentally disabled.  This duty came to me from my son Eric who is such a person.  He opened my eyes to the truly needy of our society -- those who must depend on us for their very lives. 

The picture is of me with our rat terrier, Daffy.