We were a target. Soviet airplanes could reach us, and they now had their own bomb.  We could be destroyed like the films showed; with a white hot light blinding or cooking us, then the blast wave tearing us apart and spreading our ashes across an indifferent desert. 
      Our school kept this fear fresh.  They wanted us to survive an atomic bomb attack.  A trench was dug in the sand, the length of the school. During air raid drills, we had to run and jump, face down, into the trench, and do it in two minutes or less.  We then laid there waiting for the drill to end or the white flash to come. 
      I couldn’t help remembering the words of a movie I saw in Winlock that ended with, “Is this the beginning or the end?”
      I don’t remember any community drills. I guess only school kids were expected to survive the attack. The school teachers didn’t seem to care either. They came to the trench, but never laid down.